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Download: J. Cole - "Bring Em' In", "Be Freestyle", "Roll Call"

J. Cole

Any Given Sunday 2 is upon us. This time around J. Cole has dished out three unreleased tracks for our downloading pleasure. The first "Bring Em' In" was made during the NC rappers hunt for a single and though it didn't even end up making his forthcoming record, he still stated on his blog Dreamvillain, "I love this shit".

The 2nd track "Roll Call" is apparently just Cole "venting" and for the description of the final cut "Be Freestyle", J. simply quotes a couple lines from the song: "Put on for my city like my favorite jacket… “man, you gon’ where that every got damn night??”.. “know what I paid for this shit?? bitch, you got damn right!!"

The Roc Nation emcee clarifies that these releases are NOT mixtapes or EPs, but rather just some tracks he wakes up (on Sundays) and decides he wants the world to hear. Why? Because you've been so patient for the past two years and he thinks you "deserve some insight and unreleased music." Download Any Given Sunday 2 right here. Stream all three tracks below.

"Bring Em' In"


"Be Freestyle"


"Roll Call"