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Streetlight Manifesto & Reel Big Fish @ Starland Ballroom (photos, review)

Streetlight Manifesto (Photos & Review by Nicole Mago)

Streetlight Manifesto live

Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish live

Fans stretched around the Starland Ballroom for the sold out ska show featuring co-headliners Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish on Tuesday, August 2nd. The two legendary ska bands have been touring across the United States all summer with the support of Rodeo Ruby Love and New Riot. 

The night started out with an explosive amount of energy; fans were already chanting and cheering well before the first band even took the stage. This remained constant the entire night, as fans in banana and crab costumes crowd-surfed their way to the front. 

The opening bands were definitely well-suited for this tour - New Riot, a ska/punk band from London, was the first band to take the stage. Between their constant jumping around on stage and crowd surfing on boogie-boards, it was clear that the boys were having as much fun as the fans. If you haven't heard their music yet I recommend checking them out. Rodeo Ruby Love was not as ska as I would have prefered, but that wasn't much of an issue; the 6-man band from Indiana played some catchy pop/rock vibes that everyone really seemed to get into.

I had never seen Streetlight Manifesto live prior to this show, but I was more than impressed with their live performance. The group brought their wild, energetic behavior to the stage which the crowd really seemed to enjoy. Reel Big Fish, on the other hand, I have seen live numerous times; their fun, cocky behavior never fails to get the crowd excited. 

If you couldn't make it to this show, be sure to catch them at the Best Buy Theatre on August 10th.