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Alkaline Trio, mewithoutYou @ Starland Ballroom (review, setlist, photos)

Alkaline Trio (Photos & review by Keeyahtay Lewis)

Alkaline Trio



I caught a bit of Alkaline Trio on Sunday 8/7/11 when they opened for Blink 182 on the Honda Civic Tour in Jones Beach. They played a short set as the openers, but they showed even in that time that they were veterans of the stage. Having been around for almost 15 years, even a short 15 min set in broad daylight felt like a production. It made me excited for the headlining show that I was able to see the following Friday, August 12th at Starland Ballroom.

Opening for ALK3 on their "Damnesia" tour were the California band, The Drowning Men. When they took the stage the first thing you notice is that everyone has glorious facial hair. I know that sounds strange but that is absolutely the first thing that popped into my head. I don't think any of us knew what to think when they first walked out, but as soon as the music started I don't think anyone had any doubts about how good this band was. They rocked the stage with a mixture of 70's revival rock, huge choruses, and incredible stage presence. 

Next up were the equally charismatic Philadelphia band mewithoutYou. Lead vocalist Aaron Weiss took control with his style of sing/shouting lyrics, at various times whipping the microphone cord around with fury. It was definitely interesting to watch them play. I know it has to be hard to be a band that is playing for such die-hard fans as the fans of ALK3, but what I saw was a band who left it all on the stage when they played. 

Alkaline Trio definitely had The Starland Ballroom packed with the biggest fans, they've  been original from day one. Combining a pop/punk style with darker lyrics and imagery. Everyone in that packed place exploded when they took the stage. There is something really beautiful about how Dan Adriano and Matt Skiba trade lyrics and vocals. Their voices really do complement each other, even though they are so different from each other. The band sounded tight, packed with energy and songs that everyone knew all the words to. Watching hundreds of kids screaming along to every word was fantastic.

The set was fantastic and filled with hits. Kids were crowd surfing the whole time, and loving every second of it. Towards the end a kid ended up crowd surfing and falling over the barricade on to the floor. Matt Skiba stopped mid song, jumped off the stage to pick the kid up. I don't know what else I can say about this band, but I feel like that really does say it all. This band loves playing music, which you can see easily, but they haven't let the success make them forget where they came from. It was really nice to see. 


Alk3 Starland Ballroom Setlist

In Vein
Private Eye
Nose Over Tail
Goodbye Forever
This Is Getting Over You
Old School Reasons
Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Blue Carolina
Calling All Skeletons
San Francisco
This Could Be Love
If You Had A Bad Time
You've Got So Far To Go
Blue In The Face
Olde English 800
My Friend Peter