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Review: Warped Tour 2011 @ Nassau Coliseum 7/23

Warped Tour

The 2011 edition of the Vans Warped Tour rolled through the area this past weekend and I was fortunate to check out the Nassau Coliseum stop. Thousands of kids came out in the blistering heat to check out their favorite bands, witness some rad skateboarders and just have a good time. There were plenty of bands to choose from (around 70) and while some bands wowed the crowd others left people scratching their heads. The following is a list of good performances and the kind of performances that make you want to watch Uwe Boll films on repeat for the rest of your existence.

The Good

Gym Class Heroes

The NY band made their return to Warped Tour and their fans couldn't have been more excited. The group played a set full of their hits, new single "Stereo Hearts" as well as "Billionaire", Travie McCoy's hit song from his solo album. Their next show in the area will be at Fueled By Ramen's 15 anniversary event on September 8th at Terminal 5.




Peelander-Z easily stole the show and put on the best show period on Saturday. Before the band even went on there were a large crowd of people enthralled by the band's bright costumes. If you've ever been to a Peelander-Z show then you'd know what to expect from it: huge crowd interaction (and believe me, there were tons of it). Whether it was bringing people on stage to play instruments, having people bang on pots or even squid bowling (!), Peelander-Z made a huge impression.



Patent Pending

Before the band went on, vocalist Joe Ragosta mentioned how the band's Long Island set was cut short after two songs during their stint on the 2008 edition of Warped Tour. This year, the group redeemed themselves in a huge way. It's always great to see Patent Pending whenever they play NJ but its even better watching them perform in their hometown. There was a ton of energy during their set which included old favorites "This Can't Happen Again" and "Cheer Up, Emo Kid". The group recently released a new album called Second Family which you can pick up at Amazon.


Enter Shikari

U.K.'s own Enter Shikari came to Warped Tour with a purpose: to rock American faces off. While the stage was meant for the band to perform on, members of Enter Shikari took to the crowd on a hot Saturday afternoon. Even though there were a couple of technical difficulties, the group rolled through their set performing crowd favorites ("Sorry,You're Not A Winner", "Zzonked") as well as their latest single "Quelle Surprise".



Whether you enjoy the duo's brand of electro-hop hop or just can't stand them, there's no denying that 3OH!3 can put on one hell of a show. The boys from Bolder, Colorado, lit up the main stage turning it into one big party atmosphere. Their live band made each song sound more fuller which also led to a couple of moshpits in the crowd. The duo also performed their new single "Robot" which led to a robot dance-off on stage between fans.

The Bad


Remember that awesome Patent Pending set that I mentioned earlier? Well before them, I had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Kelsey perform. For those that don't know, Kelsey used to sing for the band Kelsey and The Chaos. Now that the band is split, she somehow turned to writing generic club songs about sex. It didn't help much watching her try to emulate Beyonce's dancing on stage. She could probably appeal to fans of The Millionaires and Brokencyde which isn't a good thing. At all.


Miss May I

While the band was pretty tight musically, Miss May I's stage presence wasn't there on Saturday. The one thing that stood out about their set was having their fans do a circle pit around four tents. Oh and those bouncing Miss May I beachballs were pretty sweet too.


A Day To Remember

Not even a clever balloon monument of the band on top of the stage could help save A Day To Remember's  lackluster performance. I don't even want to talk about the performance because there was a bigger issue that night: their fans. It's pretty known that the moshers at ADTR concerts are pretty careless but Saturday was just terrible. Fights breaking out everywhere and some girl with a bloodied mouth had to be rushed out of the pit. My entire mood was ruined because of people being stupid and I'm pretty sure a lot of people felt the same way.