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Interview: Twin Sister

Twin Sister band

After two EPs, some critical acclaim and their fair share of touring, Twin Sister are gearing up to finally release their debut LP In Heaven. The Brooklyn via Long Island group will be doing so with the help of their new label, Domino Records. TS frontwoman, Andrea Estrella was nice enough to jump on the phone with me before their performance in Houston last week to discuss their upcoming album, touring and other future plans.

In rather convenient timing with this interview, the indie pop quintet have just released their forthcoming album's first single "Bad Street". You can stream that track below. In Heaven is set to officially drop September 27th. Twin Sister headline Music Hall of Williamsburg this Saturday, June 18th. Tickets are still available via Ticketmaster. Andrea Estrella & Co. kick off tour with Wild Nothing at Philadelphia's Johnny Brenda's on Monday, July 11th.

Twin Sister - Bad Street


So you guys just announced you'll be releasing your debut album on Domino, how did you hook up with them?

Oh my god, I don't even remember. I wasn't there. One of the members messaged us on Myspace, which is a funny way to introduce yourself. Then they came to our shows and we became friends and started meeting up and that's about it.

They also put out our first two EPs and then we went and played in the UK and meet up with them and saw their UK offices in London. That's how we got to know them a little better. They are really cool people and we felt really comfortable with them.


What's the meaning behind the title In Heaven

There really isn't. It's just something I thought sounded nice. It doesn't really have a secret meaning. 


Is it a lyric in a song or no?

Actually it was going to be a song that didn't get put on the album. I actually think the title for the album came before the title for the song. 


Maybe it'll be released at a later time?

Yeah, maybe. We'll see what happens to that song. It's still here.


I read you guys had a lot of old material. Did a lot of those older songs that you didn't release make it on to the record or are these mostly songs written since the Color Your Life EP?

Yeah. It's mixed. There are some that are extremely old and some that are very, very new. Like working on them right before we got into the studio. 


Any particular artists you were listening too while writing the album?

We all listen to really different stuff, but I was listening too Julee Cruz, Madonna. ummm, what else? Some Korean music. I don't even know the names. The stuff you kind of find on Youtube.


With who and where did you record the album?

It's called Miner Street. It's in Philadelphia and they do those Weathervane Sessions there. Have you ever seen those?


Yeah, I just saw one that Big Troubles did actually.

Yeah, it's a really nice studio and it has a loft built in and you kind of like live there. 


With you guys having a bunch of critical acclaim prior to putting out an LP, would you say you're feeling any sort of pressure with this release?

Not really, it's sort of like "finally". I don't really feel the pressure, but yeah I can't wait for it to come out already.


Any particular bands you'd like to tour with in the future?

We really like... it would be fun to tour with Bear In Heaven again. It would be fun to tour with Affair? Hercules & Love Affair. That's there name, right? They look like they'd be a lot of fun to tour with.


What are some future plans, have any music videos or anything like that in the works?

Yeah, we do. We have some time off this summer and I think we're going to really work on those before we do some heavy touring again. There will hopefully be more than one.


Twin Sister 2011 tour dates

6/18 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
7/11 Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's ^
7/12 Baltimore, MD - The Ottobar ^
7/13 Pittsburgh, PA - Club AE ^
7/14 Columbus, OH - The Basement ^
7/17 Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival
7/18 Pontiac, MI - The Pike Room
7/19 Toronto, Ontario - El Mocambo
7/20 Montreal, Quebec - Il Motore
7/21 Boston, MA - Brighton Music Hall
7/22 Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall

# w/ Beirut

^ w/ Wild Nothing

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