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Interview: Slutever


Slutever are a girl guitar and drum duo made up of Drexel students. The Philadelphia via Bucks County group take garage-rock and punk to a progressive level. The pair's music often features unique harmonies and overdriven drums not present in your average punk band. Their latest release, Pretend To Be Nice, is a 7" that dropped back in April via the Drexel student run Bantic Media.

You can pick that up here or download their debut effort, Sorry I'm Not Sorry, over at their Bandcamp on a 'name your own price' basis. Nicole Snyder and Rachel Gagliardi were nice enough to answer some questions regarding: their formation, writing process, SXSW, weed, McDonalds and new music! Check out what they had to say below.

No Offense by Slutever


So you guys are currently based in Philadelphia for school, where are you both originally from?

Rachel: We're originally from Bucks County, which is like 40 minutes outside the city and we both go to school in Philly. I've lived here for the past four years.


How did you two meet?

Nicole: We went to high school together, we were in the same Music Theory program and we had a lot of mutual friends, so we kind of just met through high school and then Rachel is a year older than me and she came to Drexel and it sounded cool, so I came to Drexel and we stayed friends.


What did you both grow up listening too? 

Nicole: Oof, you caught me off guard...

Rachel: Rilo Kiley, was slash is my favorite band growing up. Jenny Lewis is my favorite.

Nicole: I was really into like Death Cab For Cutie. 

Rachel: Embarrassing shit.  

Nicole:  Yeah, standard indie-rock, like high school stuff.

Rachel: Bright Eyes action.

Nicole: Definitely some Bright Eyes. The Shins. You know, that Garden State stuff.


What's your writing process like?

Nicole: As of right now it's pretty much like, or i guess on our recorded stuff I should say, everything Rachel is singing on is written by Rachel and everything I'm singing on is written by me, but when we're practicing obviously we throw ideas at each other, but usually the songs are pretty much, if not structured, they are at least, the chords are there, and the lyrics are there. We're trying to write more together, but it's kind of hard, we don't really jam much at practice other than just going over the songs we already have, so we're working on writing some new material together.


You guys apparently recorded your stuff in bathrooms and bedrooms, do you see yourselves going about your next recording in a similar manner? 

Rachel: Well, so far since then we haven't recorded anything ourselves, like our 7" we recorded in an actual studio and we just did a song for this compilation that was like all covers and we did that in an actual studio in New Jersey. So we haven't done anything ourselves, but we'd like to, probably.

Nicole: I really enjoyed the process of recording Sorry I'm Not Sorry, cause it was totally in our control and we lived together, hence the bathroom thing. So yeah, I think if we recorded ourselves again it would mostly be due to time constraints or not really knowing the right fit of who to record with. We don't really have a go-to engineer or anything, but we're not opposed to recording ourselves, but now that we've stepped the quality up it might be weird to revert back to the Garage Band type thing.


Bantic Media is apart of Drexel's music department, which you are apart of. What sort of things has the school/student run label been doing for you guys?

Nicole: Yeah, the class is taught by Darren Walters who does Jade Tree Records. It's a pretty student run class. Basically at this point they have helped us manufacture and release the record, so lots of online fills. We have dropped records off at stores locally in Philly. They are working on some press stuff for us. They have been pretty helpful with the release Pretend To Be Nice


DIY shows in Philadelphia seem to be on the rise, with the exception of The OX being shut down. Am I right about that? Do you think that may be helping Slutever gain more attention?

Rachel: Yes, definitely, the scene is awesome! We play shows pretty much every singe week. We played two last week, just like basement shows, and then we played two the week before. We play all the time cause there are all these shows happening. Sometimes they are not super crowded, but there are always some people that come out and everyone supports each other, it's a really great scene. Especially the kind of music we play and like. 


Favorite show to date and why?

Rachel: Ever? umm, probably the show we played in California was my favorite.  We played a show in California like 3 weeks ago and it was called [???] and it was all girls and it was to promote women in music and it was really awesome and it was cool that people in California didn't even know who the fuck we were, so that was my favorite I think.

Nicole: That one was awesome, the crowd went wild. It was just fun to go to California to play a show cause it was probably the most surreal and awesome thing to ever happen to either of us.  

Rachel: And we saw boobs that night.

Nicole: And we saw boobs, we got flashed... I don't know if that was my favorite though. We played at Two Piece Fest at The Ox the day it got shut down, about a couple hours before it got shut down. And up until it got shut down it was really great vibes in there. We were dressed as Bevis and Butthead. It was just like a really fun celebration of two piece bands. I thought our set was fun. We had like half a foot of room to move around on the stage, so it was really tight, it was fun and people were there. 


How was SXSW? Was it your first time there?

Rachel: Yeah, it was our first time there. It was awesome, Texas was amazing.

Nicole: It was pretty fun, we played a couple of shows, but we mostly just got to hang out and see other bands that we wanted to see. We went to some pretty awesome showcases, saw some bands we've never heard of, lots of bands we've been wanting to see for awhile.


What was one band you've been "wanting to see for awhile"? 

Nicole: Cloud Nothings, they were #1 on my list of bands to see down there and we played a show and we had to run like 2 1/2 miles to catch there set, but we made it and it was worth it.


You guys seem to be really into Weed, what is your smoking device of choice?

Nicole: Well, blunts are Philly style, I don't know.

Rachel: Bongs

Nicole: We'll take anything. Brownies are cool.

Rachel: Yeah, we're cool with all of it.


You guys also seem to be really into McDonalds, what is your menu item of choice? 

Rachel:  Ohhh, I like the chicken strips.

Nicole: Oh, c'mon

Rachel: I like nuggets of course, I like the cheeseburgers, I like um all.

Nicole: I've been into the McDouble on the dollar menu lately, that's been my jam. 

Rachel: That's a good deal. McFlurries... two for one apple pies!

Nicole: I don't know, I think that McDonalds thing got carried away. We don't eat as much McDonalds as people think, do we?

Rachel: I eat McDonalds like every week. 

Nicole: Alright, we eat lots of McDonalds

Rachel: Actually, we haven't eaten fast food since we've gotten back from South By cause we had so much there.


What are some bands you guys would really like to tour with?

Nicole: JEFF the Brotherhood, we played our record release show with them and they blow my mind live. They make so much noise for a two piece, it's incredible.

Rachel: Dum Dum Girls, we love them and Dee Dee is really nice, we met her and she was really awesome. 

Nicole: It would be fun to tour with Reading Rainbow cause we are friends with them and they are super chill. The Coathangers would be fun, we played a show opening for them, they are like the coolest girl band I've ever seen probably.  


Plans for the Summer?

Rachel: Well, this Summer we are going on our first big tour for seven weeks. 


Wow, are you serious? Seven weeks is a long time.

Nicole: Everyone says that, that's like everyone's first reaction, It's kind of freaking me out now, cause I haven't really thought about it and the more I talk about it, people are like "seven weeks?!?!". Yeah, that is a really long time.

Rachel: We're doing a lot of days off, so it'll be pretty laxed. We're not doing a show every night. As for immediate plans, we are doing a split with the band Ba Babes. We're doing a split cassette tape on this label Chill Mega Chill. We have to find the time to write and record it. And we have a few other things in the works, but that's all we have officially planned.


Slutever play Brooklyn's Coco66 (21+) this Saturday, May 7th with Ba Babes, Teen Witch and Cousin Brian. More info on that show here.

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