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Album Review: I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business - 'Gold Rush'

I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business

As many people know, Gold Rush may be singer/songwriter Ace Enders' last stab at making music. From producing to recording, Enders did everything on this nine track effort. On the opening song, Ace professes "If I was a salesman, I'd write for the stars but I'd rather give nothing and give it from the heart" before leading into a soaring chorus. "Lame Duck" is an upbeat tune that will keep the listeners  bopping their heads. Lyrically, the song could very well be about Ace's struggle in the music industry: "Give me a reason, a sign that our time's not up, cause baby we need something more than to just give up". "Had To Be There" is a bouncy track that features an uber-catchy chorus.

Musically, this album has a spring/summer vibe with tracks that flow easily. Enders always writes great lyrics and this album is no exception (especially for the title track,"Lame Duck" and "Train Stop"). Gold Rush is sure to please fans of Enders' work as well as gather new ones. Let's just hope that Ace keeps making more great music in the future.

Listen To: "Lame Duck", "Had To Be There", "Train Stop"


1) Gold Rush
2) Lame Duck
3) Connected
4) Complications
5) Had To Be There
6) Don't Leave Me
7) Misery
8) Gods
9) Train Stop

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