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Interview: Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang

Chiddy Bang are an up-and-coming hip-hop duo from Philadelphia. Their upbeat, good vibes tracks have brought on a whole lot of deserved attention over the past year. With Chiddy Bang winning an mtvU Woodie award, breaking a Guinness World Record and most recently having their song "The Good Life" featured in a national Taco Bell commercial, you could say things are going well for them at the moment. The two are now set to play a special Taco Bell Feed The Beat show tonight. That event, which is taking place in their hometown of Philadelphia, will air online starting at 10pm EST. You will be able to pick up the live stream over at Taco Bell's Facebook page.

Chiddy Bang are set to drop a new mixtape titled Peanut Butter & Swelly this Friday, May 27th. Their debut LP Breakfast is expected out later this year. Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege and Noah "Xaphoon Jones" Beresin were nice enough to jump on the phone with me earlier this morning where we discussed getting kicked out of mansions, meeting up with artists they have sampled and Taco Bell. Check out the interview below.

Chiddy Bang - Truth (ft. Passion Pit)


You guys have Bonaroo and ACL coming up and you just played Bamboozle. What's your favorite thing about playing large festivals?

Noah: It totally depends on how the festival is organized. Some festivals like ParkLife make for a really cool bonding experience because you are kind of living and traveling with all of the other artists like Soulwax, Missy Elliot and whole bunch of crazy DJs. Festivals are always fun.

Chiddy: It sort of does feel like a reward when you get to play festivals. It's like "oh, we're playing Boozle with Weezy & Whiz and all these other people". That's dope. It's almost like a metal.


On your site you recently said you've been shooting music videos and getting kicked out of mansions. Care to elaborate on either of those things?

Chiddy: The mansion thing was SXSW. We rented this huge, huge house and sort of got carried away with the parties. The first day a hundred people came, the second day two hundred people came and the third day like four hundred people came. And like Whiz came through the spot with Amber Rose. It got a little too wild. Sean was in the building. Everybody was in the building. 

The owner of the house didn't expect such chaos to have occurred and on the final day we sort of had to get packing. He was like "get the fuck out".


You guys have sampled some interesting artists. Have any of them ever reached out to you or have you met any of them in person?

Noah: A couple months back we did a show with Passion Pit and they were mad cool and the song we sampled, when they played it in their set, dedicated it to us. Then we kicked it afterwards. MGMT were super cool too. Chiddy chopped it up with them in London and we almost kicked it with them at Lollapalooza last year, but things got a little hectic, doing three or four shows in that one day.

Generally we've been really fortunate that every person we've sampled has, if not tipped the hat been really cool with what we've done. We've seen it as kind of a winning streak. Hopefully no one gets irate and we keep the positive vibes up.


Any cool guests or samples, other than The Knocks, appearing on Peanut Butter & Swelly or Breakfast?

Noah: Well, the trailer that we released contains a song that samples Morrissey who is the frontman of The Smiths. We sampled one of his solo projects. As far as other songs on the tape it's going to be a surprise. I like to think of my production as a puzzle. Like you have to go in and figure it out.


So you guys won a Woodie, Chiddy broke a Guinness World Record and you had your music featured in a Taco Bell commercial. What would you say is the coolest thing to happen to you guys yet? 

Noah: Q-Tip called us while we were at a restaurant in Ohio.

Chiddy: The Guinness Book of World Records was pretty dope. That was good. We've been generally blessed with a lot of good opportunities. The Woodie award was a good look. The Taco Bell commercial was a good look. 

Shout out to Taco Bell to make us the first ever Feed The Beat artist to have our music placed in a national ad campaign. So it's like kind of a big deal. We're actually doing a secret show today in Philly and the only way to get tickets is to go on Taco Bell's Facebook page. It's just an exciting time for us right now.


You guys have done pretty well for yourselves in a short time. What advice would you give to upcoming hip-hop artists or any artists about how to handle a music career?

Noah: On some real shit, we live in an era where everyone is trying to make it in some capacity in music. So the things that stick out are the things that have a touch of individuality to them. I guess my advice is do some soul searching and find out what makes you unique and try and put that into your music. If everyone is applying for the job, figure out what makes you special and capitalize on that. 


Your favorite thing to get at Taco Bell?

Noah: Seven layer burrito. Next level. Got all that guacamole and shit.

Chiddy: Chicken burrito. Something basic. I like chicken. I like burritos. Something basic.

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