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Interview: Suburban Scum

Suburban Scum

When we last spoke to Suburban Scum, they just released their Internal War E.P and were playing shows all over the Northeast. Now the band is set to release their Hanging By A Thread 7-inch via 6131 Records and will take California by storm at this year's Sound and Fury Festival. Vocalist Ryan Donald Taylor spoke about their new label, playing California for the first time and future touring plans.


1) How did the band land on 6131 Records?

Well, that all came about at this years United Blood Festival. We were all super excited to be apart of that fest this year. I've actually never been to United Blood years prior and always wanted to. Watching the videos from it got me super excited every year but money issues got in my way everytime. Richmond has had such a strong scene since I've been involved in hardcore and even beforehand, so the opportunity to play was amazing. Were not a full-time touring band because everyone works and kids travel all over for that fest so it was great to see kids from all over going off for us.Overwhelming to say the least. We also had never played Richmond beforehand so this was a huge surprise. All of our homies set it off for us. Travelers set it off for us. Most importantly, the kids who had never heard of us or have seen us gave us really good feedback on our set, which always rules getting new kids into the band. One of those people was Joey Cahill of 6131 Records. The venue has an upstairs and a downstairs. Upstairs is where the bands play and downstairs is where the merch area is. Kids went off and he said saw dust from the ceiling was falling all over his merch table downstairs. He went upstairs to check us out and liked what he saw. Joey approached me after the set and asked what future plans we had and if we would be interested in working with 6131 records. The label has done a slew of awesome releases so it was almost a no brainer. The think I think that stands out about 6131 the most, is the fact that they keep the label diverse. We have been writing for a little bit so this was perfect timing to be approached. Shout out to 6131.

2) What can we expect from the Hanging By A Thread 7-inch?

Well, you can expect it to sound together and mature. We have never recorded with our drummer Paul on anything. He is a fantastic drummer. Every show we have played with him, we always get so many compliments on his drumming. Not tooting a horn or bragging, but I am. Our drummer is the shit. I think he was the missing member from this band from the start. SAM NO DICE, I love you. Admit it, you hate playing drums haha. Love you, though. You are my brother for life. Back to the 7". When you have 4 members in a band that all equally give a shit and want to write something that kids remember not just for the week or month, but want to write a record that truly stands out is amazing. I do not take for granted the people I have surrounding me in this band at all. Me and Jeremy have always had that ambition and wanted people to take this band seriously, musically, but it always seemed like people were somewhere else when we were trying to pull something solid and genuine together. We also acquired bassist Madden who played on the split with Incendiary. He helps so much, does our big cartel, always siked on playing, great stage presence, and brings a lot of personality to the band. This 7" is very raw and depressing to say the least, like the rest of our material. I think we mix every element of our band very well on this record and also pull a lot of influences together that we havent touched on yet. Everything flows really well. Its heavy as all hell without being cheesy, which I find is really hard now-a-days. Were trying to pull together a tasteful sound that can appeal to anyone. The record has a lot of bounce, covers some political ground which we have never touched on, deceit, and life pains. The world is in a really bad situation right now. You read the USA posts after the death of Osama. Don't get me wrong its great that dude is dead, but it sucks that something tragic has to happen in this country for everyone to be patriotic. Mentally, physically, economically, we feel like everyone is Hanging By A Thread in one way or another. All of us are experiencing this first hand and this is the release of it. This just packs all of life ills into one 5 song 7" the way Suburban Scum sees it. We are set to record June 10th with Jeremy Comitas in Jersey City which is where we recorded the split. We have a little more time this time around so it gives us a lot more time to experiment with sounds. Expect "Hanging By A Thread" to be out early fall.

3) Suburban Scum will be a part of Sound and Fury festival in California. How did the band wind up on that festival?

Yes, yes we are.  Really looking forward to this. Umm, well I hit up my buddy Nate from Xibalba (Check them out if you havent). I asked him what he thought the chances of Suburban Scum playing Sound and Fury this year were. He gave Joey Cahill (6131 records) my email and literally that day or the day after I got an email asking if we wanted to come out. Thank you Nate. Works out well because 6131 is a Westcoast label so this will be a good show to showcase what we have to offer to the California natives and whoever is traveling for the the fest. Siked.

4) What are you most looking forward to about playing Sound and Fury?

Honestly, besides the fact that there are going to be so many good friends in the room at the same time all weekend, Suburban Scum has never played California. I love nothing more than playing to a room full of kids that have never seen my band. We have been itching to play Cali for a bit but we really have to be careful and choosy because of what work permits. I am most looking forward to playing and seeing a room full of new faces and playing such an awesome hardcore festival. Starting a hardcore band, these are the type of fests you only hope that you are invited to play. This year all of these fests are becoming a reality and we dont take a second of it for granted. This years lineup is stacked. I get to play to a crowd of kids that I have never seen before, eat a real burrito, hit a beach, and see Ringworm and Trial. How do you beat that? You dont.

5) What inspires you when it comes to different band merch designs?

Hmm, well a lot of these are things that our guitarist Jeremy pulls together. We all discuss something and Jeremy makes a ton of designs. Him and our drummer Paul are really good when it comes to this stuff. Paul has done designs for VOD and a slew of other bands. Jeremy has done a whole shit ton of fliers. Does a bunch of awesome BNB Fliers for the Dingbatz shows. He did this years Summer Of Hate Fest flier which came out so ill. Awesome to have them in the band because it makes it way easier when pulling things together. Hockey is sweet. We have ripped off many hockey designs in our day and will continue until we break up. Some of the logos have been drawn by a few close friends of ours. Joseph Kindya drew our Suburban Scum logo that we have been using on everything. Hes a very talented fellow who works at Brooklyn Ink Tattoo. My dear friend Marina Inoue who works at Flyrite tattoo has done a really sweet logo for us. We all pull together and figure it out. What inspires us? Hockey rip offs, West Coast hand-style, Goon guys, Ski Mask Freaks, Biker Skeletons, Graffiti, Snap-Back Starter Style hats, Beanies,  All the good shit. If you look our merch, thats what it has consisted of. Respect.

6) The band is set to open for Terror at Dingbatz. What can people expect from that show?

Well Jersey is hit or miss lately. This show is going to be a hit. Terror, Trapped Under Ice, Take Offense. All great god damn bands and are a perfect example of hardcore being in a great state here in 2011. We have played with Terror once at Dingbatz and it ruled. The show will be packed as fuck. Will 100 percent sell out. Dingbatz is very small. This show will be personal. Buy tickets here if you want to go here. Also, I want to take a moment to talk about Take Offense. Great group of skinheads, minus the sweetheart drummer Joe. They put out one of the best hardcore LPs ive heard in quite some time. They straight up smashed it United Blood this year. This band will play early so please check them out if you are planning on coming out. Heavy Suicidal influence done with class. Thrash, circle pit, love someone. Real shit. I wont speak on a Close Your Eyes or Your Demise because I simply do not know what that even means.

7) What are the band's plans after the 7-inch gets released?

We are 100 percent planning on hitting a Japan tour with Creepout. Play places that we have never played and play some cool cities that we haven't entered. Hit Canada up because we have never done that yet. Europe would be sweet. One step at a time I suppose. Were not going anywhere and were taking everything in stride. For all we know people may hate this 7" and throw potatoes at and tomatoes at us the second we start playing. A lot of things we would like to embark on, its only a matter of time. Can't Slow Down. 2011. Hardcore.


Suburban Scum upcoming shows

May 26th- Dingbatz (w/ Terror, Trapped Under Ice) @ Clifton, NJ
June 10th - Polish Club (w/ Incendiary) @ Poughkeepsie, NY
July 9th- Peabodys (Summer of Hate Festival) @ Cleveland, OH
July 22nd- Earl Warren Showgrounds (Sound and Fury Festival), Santa Barbara, CA
July 23rd- Earl Warren Showgrounds (Sound and Fury Festival), Santa Barbara, CA
July 24th - Earl Warren Showgrounds (Sound and Fury Festival), Santa Barbara, CA

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