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Interview: Conditions


Richmond, VA rockers Conditions will no doubt make a huge name of themselves this year. Since forming in 2006 the band self-released a couple of EPs, landed spots on the Vans Warped Tour and Taste of Chaos, and did a stint with Paramore and New Found Glory on their UK tour. All of their hard work has paid off as the band released their debut album Fluorescent Youth this past September via Good Fight Music. The band is currently on the A.P. Tour with VersaEmerge, I See Stars, D.R.U.G.S. and Black Veil Brides. Guitarist Alex Howard talked about their debut album,appearing on A.P.'s Top 100 Bands You Need To Know in 2011 and the thrill of getting to play with Lil Wayne and Motley Crue at this year's Bamboozle Festival.


1) The band is currently on the A.P. tour. How is that going?

It's going great! It's been a great opportunity for a smaller band like us
to get in front of a larger and different crowd. All of the bands have been

2) How did you guys wind up on the tour?

It is our 2nd year in a row being featured as one of Alternative Press' "100
Bands You Need To Know" and this tour coincides with the issue, so I'm
assuming through talks with our manager they asked us to be a part of the

3) The band was featured in A.P.'s 100 Bands You Need To Know In 2011. What's it like being in such a great list of bands?

Unreal. I've been a subscriber to AP since I was in high school and even my
parents would vouch that I always on the lookout for it coming in the mail
every month. I saw all of my favorite bands in that magazine, and now to see
the singer of mine on the cover with my band's name on it is just a dream
come true.

4) Fluorescent Youth came out last September. Were you surprised by the
positive response toward the album?

We are definitely extremely grateful for the positive responses we've
received on the album because we worked our butts off to make an album that
we're very proud of. We put out a couple of EPs ourselves and I think we
were just finding our "sound" over the last few years, but with Fluorescent
Youth I think we honed in a little better and were much more prepared. No
matter what the response would be we would've been happy with what we made,
but the fact that people are enjoying it makes it that much more special to

5) Conditions is set to perform at this year's Bamboozle festival. What are
you guys most looking forward to about that?

Bamboozle is going to be nuts. We have been dying to play because the crowds
that come out are just awesome. Aside from playing, we're just honored to be
on a lineup that intense. You're telling me we're playing with Motley Crue
and Lil Wayne?! The most important for me is the Further Seems Forever
reunion because that band is a huge influence on what we do. I just wish we
were gonna be there one of the days that Thrice is playing!

6) What bands are you listening to right now?

I've been listening to the new Kings of Leon a ton. Mumford and Sons, Haste
The Day, Deftones...and endlessly playing the hell out of Thrice, Foo
Fighters and Jimmy Eat World.

7) What are some memorable tour experiences?

This question could go in many directions haha. We definitely have a lot of
fun on the road and have been lucky enough to play some amazing shows. The 7
of us that are in our touring "crew" are all best friends so no matter what
is going on we know how to have a good time. I know there are bands out
there that are more business oriented than friend oriented, and that's a
bummer. We're all grateful for being able to travel the world, play music,
and see some amazing things, but it makes it that much more amazing doing it
with your genuine best friends.

8) What's next for the band after the A.P. Tour ends?

We will be touring all summer long. We've got a shorter run in June with
some of our best friends, and then a full US through July and August. We'd
love to tour as much as possible through the rest of the year and then start
working on LP 2 when the new year rolls around.


The A.P. Tour makes its way to a sold out show at Gramercy on April 15th, The Theatre of Living Arts on April 16th and Crocodile Rock on May 5th.

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