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Interview: Floral Terrace

Floral Terrace

NY rockers Floral Terrace are set to release their new EP entitled The Better Life next Tuesday (which you can stream at Purevolume). The EP will be released on Crushtone Records which is owned by the album's producer Jim Wirt (Something Corporate, Incubus, Hidden In Plain View). Drummer John Damiano talked about working with an acclaimed producer, the EP's first single and upcoming tour plans.

1) How was it working with producer Jim Wirt?
A dream come true! Jim is absolutely a musical genius and it was incredible. He didn't make us feel inferior and really let us be ourselves.

2) How did you wind up on his record label?

His A&R department and us as a band have been friends for a while so once Jim got on board musically, around the time The Morning Of finished their album, we were quickly thrown a deal we couldn't pass up!

3) What was the inspiration behind the song "Hey Don't Turn Away"?

That song started as a song our pre-existing fans would appreciate musically. We kept writing these obscure jams and experimenting with our sound ETC and in the middle of all of that said, lets throw down something completely up our alley that everyone will appreciate and 'hey' is what came out of us. Lyrically it wound up being a song about our career (and a lot of bands careers right now) and that there's a lot of competition and a lot of hate and bad attitudes in the music scenes going around right now, and to keep in mind that if you're a good group of dudes and you work hard, it will happen for any band.

4) What can people expect from the new release?

The sound Floral Terrace has been known to bring except just better. We're smarter, older, more talented and plus dude, we did it with Jim Wirt!

5) The band plays in NJ very often. What are some of your favorite NJ venues to play at?

We really like the Meatlocker in Montclair. The crowd is always great and we love the atmosphere there. It reminds me of how things used to be back in the day.

6) Floral Terrace have been touring a lot. What have been some memorable tour experiences?

There's a lot of good and a lot of bad memories. The bad ones always stick out more but at a quick glance a good memory would be Chicago a few weeks ago we played a basement of a bar in Barrington and it was really just awesome for us! Bad memory would be last night on tour with Hawthorne Heights we blew a tire 6 miles from the venue and missed our set time.

7) Are there any bands that you'd like to tour with in the future?

We'd love to tour with Backseat Goodbye again, he keeps canceling on us though. I'd also personally love to tour with Neon Trees. I'm a huge fan of their new cd.

8) What are Floral Terrace's plans for the remainder of 2011?

We're going to be doing cd release shows and open for Hawthorne Heights randomly this month. In May we're touring the midwest and in June we can't say what we're doing yet. I know we're doing some Warped this summer which should be cool.

Floral Terrace will have their CD release show on April 23rd at Paramus VFW.

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