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Interview: Free Energy

Free Energy band

Free Energy have had a good twelve months. Since the release of their debut LP, Stuck on Nothing via DFA the Philadelphia quartet have toured with Weezer, hit most major music festivals and found out what it's like to really draw a crowd of their own. Now the group are set to stop by Brooklyn's Glasslands tomorrow night, April 29th as well as Danbury CT's B.O.M.B Fest next month. Singer, Paul Sprangers was nice enough to answer some questions we've been wanting to know regarding new music, past touring experiences and what exactly sets their live shows apart from the rest.

Free Energy - All I Know


It's been one year since the release of your debut LP, what has been the most surreal thing to happen to the band in the past 12 months?

Playing to people who like us enough that they pay to see us live. It still blows my mind. There is nothing more surreal than that. 

Any plans to release new music in smaller doses, such as a 7" or EP, in between full-lengths?

HELL YES. We got a new summer anthem ready. Just need to record it. Should be done soon. Gotta keep runnin.

Have you started writing any new music for your next release yet?

A ton of new music. We're about halfway done demoing new songs. I am, fucking, psyched.  


You guys are set to play NYC this Friday. Not too long ago you opened for Weezer at Roseland Ballroom, what was that like?

It was awesome (and pretty surreal-see #1). i saw radiohead play there when i was in college. Weezer put on an incredible live show. Their fans were very cool-they get our music, as they damn well should. Also, there was a minimal amount of middle fingers. so that's cool.   


What would you say makes your live performances different from your recordings? Basically, why should people make it a point to see Free Energy live?

We play shows to connect with people who respond to our music. We are are the house band, the live show is the party, and the record is the invitation (to the party). I'm the host, and mediator between the band and the crowd. I shred with my heart.

You guys have had the opportunity to tour with some great acts, any particular group's you'd like to hook up with in the future?

SHITS YES. I would love to tour with YACHT, daft punk, jon glaser, white rainbow, girltalk, demetri martin, bob seger, oneohtrix point never, fred armisen, sleigh bells, nasim pedrad, fools gold, kurt braunohler, sun airway, and of course, i'm sure we'll be doing more tours with titus andronicus and mates of state.

Any places you haven't toured yet that you plan to hit before the end of the year?

The only tour we're gonna do is down a lazy creek, on a tube, floating across the rippling waters of sweet, sweet summer. 


Free Energy hit Brooklyn's Glasslands tomorrow (Friday), April 29th. Tickets are still available. The group also perform at Danbury, CT's B.O.M.B. Fest with Weezer & Snoop Dogg on Saturday, May 28th.

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