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Chris Cornell @ Wellmont Theatre 4.16.11 (photos, review)

Chris Cornell (Photos & Review by Deena Thirteen)

Chris Cornell live

Chris Cornell live

More Photos Here

One man, with one microphone and an acoustic guitar, brought the house down like a symphony. Saturday night Chris Cornell brought a sky full of Seattle rain and a soul full of passion to the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair and brought the sold-out crowd to their knees. His Songbook tour consists of a colorful mix of every project he's ever dabbled in and then some; he blended Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, Mother Love Bone and of course his solo work, then delicately flavored the 2 hour set with several covers from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson and NJ's own, Bruce Springsteen.

Chris Cornell proved once again that his life's work is a sonic masterpiece, and the audience was left literally speechless. Aside from in between songs when the crowd erupted in thunderous applause, you could hear a pin drop during his performance. During "When I'm down" he sang along with a pre-recorded LP of himself  playing piano which he played on a turntable that sat by his side onstage.  Chris was emotionally accompanied during his set by a red, old fashioned dial telephone which was given to him as a gift from Jeff Buckley's mom because he, "Just likes to have it around" and he was later vocally accompanied by his son Christopher during several encores.  It was clearly evident that he was in sync with the audience from start to finish, as he bled 27 songs infused with love, each moment all-encompassing.

It's rare to find a performer blessed with such talent that they could take command of the stage alone yet completely envelop the room from start to finish.  Chris Cornell proved to The Wellmont that he is one of those rare, shining stars.

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