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Paul Simon defends Vampire Weekend

Paul Simon

For years people have been comparing Vampire Weekend to Paul Simon's Graceland. Some of those comparisons would go as far as to say VW completely ripped off the record. Now, after three years since Vampire Weekend's debut record dropped, Paul Simon admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair that he went to see the NYC group perform on SNL with his sons and Ezra & Co. ask him the question themselves. You can read the 69 year old singer's answer below.

I met them. They were playing on Saturday Night Live. My son (I guess he was 16 or 17 then) wanted to go. He was a fan. He wanted to go down to see them. So I thought, Yeah, I’ll go down to see them, too. I guess I’ll go and meet them, because everybody was saying that they were taking stuff from Graceland or whatever. I felt bad. I wanted to go and tell them that I didn’t think they were taking anything. So that’s what I told them. They said, “Do you think we are?” and I said, “No, I think you’re going to the same sources that I went to. You’re drawing from the same well. You’re trying to write interesting songs.” [Vanity Fair]

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