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Interview: Sparks The Rescue

Sparks The Rescue

Ever since the release of debut album Race To The Sun back in 2008, Sparks The Rescue have been everywhere touring with bands such as Every Avenue, The Audition and The Morning Of. The band is set to release their new album Worse Thing I've Been Cursed With on May 10th via Fearless Records. They will kick off their tour with the Dangerous Summer, The Graduate and The Scenic this Tuesday at the Studio at Webster Hall. Vocalist Alex Roy answered some questions about the new album and tour.

1) The band is hitting the road with The Dangerous Summer, The Graduate
and The Scenic for an U.S. tour. What are you looking forward to most
about this tour?

We've toured with all the bands except for The Graduate.. I'm really excited to be on the road with good friends and making new ones. Also, the fact that this is a full US tour is amazing. Hitting all those different cities and venues playing for new fans and fans that
we haven't seen in a while will be great!

2) The band's upcoming album Worst Thing I've Been Cursed With comes
out in May. What's the meaning behind the album title?

It comes from a line of the title track, which is "loving you is the worst thing i've
been cursed with, taking over my head and my verses." It's about the
feeling after a breakup where you're just completely miserable for far
too long.

3) What was the recording process for this album?

We recorded this record in our home state of Maine with Jon Wyman. We had five weeks at the studio, The Halo. It's is huge barn, and from the outside
it doesn't look like much, but when you walk in it's a million-dollar
recording studio.

4) How will this album compare to Eyes To The Sun?

It's a little more mature - a bit darker and more sinister.

5) The song "Postcard of a Tidal Wave" is very catchy. What's the story
behind that song?

That song is about a relationship that I had that
fell apart. Just the feeling of being stuck in Maine, and that there is so
much more going on out there. Finally she leaves and all that's
left are these postcards she sends.

6) Sparks The Rescue is no stranger to playing New Jersey. What are
some of your favorite NJ venues to play in?

I love playing the School Of Rock and Hanger 84 - both have great sound systems and for a touring band, it's amazing to show up at a venue and have good monitors.

7) What are the band's plans for the rest of 2011?

We are going to be touring as much as possible. We have a new single/video coming out
for a song called "She's a Bitch and I'm a Fool" soon, and we are hoping to make it to Europe this year.


Be sure to check out Sparks The Rescue as they perform at The Studio at Webster Hall tommorow, Crocodile Rock on Thursday and School of Rock on Saturday.