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D.R.I., Mucky Pup & Razorblade Handgrenade @ Starland Ballroom 02.27.11

D.R.I. (Photos by Nicole Mago)

DRI live

New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom hosted the legendary D.R.I. with NJ natives Mucky Pup, with opening acts Razorblade Handgrenade, Dirty Stayouts, & Dept. of Coreuption. It was throw-back Sunday with both young and old in attendance.

                  Brick City’s Razorblade Handgrenade was first up. This four piece hardcore band has that classic style that is reminiscent of hardcore forefathers Agnostic Front & other NYHC bands. They came straight to your face. Frontman Wes left the stage frequently to connect with the crowd by handing the mic over to those who knew the lyrics. They played killer jams like “Pretty Faces”, D.Y.O.T. (Do Your Own Thing)” and the song “Stuck in a Jam” off their latest album Tales from the Bricks.

                  Next on the bill, was the Dirty Stayouts. This Clifton, NJ band was definitely the black sheep of the bill. They played southern rock/punk/rockabilly type of music that didn’t quite fit the bill. There were a few heads nodding for them, but nothing more than that.

                  Dept. of Coreuption started to bring life to the Starland Ballroom with their brand of crossover hardcore/thrash. This band started in the 80s and made their mark on the East Coast hardcore scene playing CBGB’s, but tonight they brought the mosh to NJ. Their brand of crossover was relentless & fast with singer Ray Cola grasping a beer during ever song, the crowd began to slowly move, but clearly they were saving their energy for next two bands.

                  Bergenfield, NJ’s Mucky Pup who hasn’t played with D.R.I. in over 20 years brought their classic laugh core, if you want to call it that, to the stage. With tongue-in–cheek song lyrics, they brought smiles to the faces of long time fans of the band. They really got the crowd moving who mostly consisted of people who saw them in their heyday, and a sprinkle of thrash metal revivalists. But I’m telling you, if you haven’t seen these guys you totally missed out, those with goofy song titles such as “Batman”, “Landscrapers” & “Death By Cholesterol” they really knew how to bring real hardcore elements to get the crowd moving. They haven’t put an album out in over 15 years, but their music is very relevant.  For those are into looking for some of the cream of the crop crossover bands from the 80s this is definitely a band to look into because they killed it.

                  Around 10pm D.R.I. took the stage.  These guys play some of the most relentless brand of crossover metal.  Kurt Brecht distinct voice can be heard yelling every lyrics of every song. With bass player & legendary metal photographer Harald Oimoen was keeping the relentless pace of the show going.  His jokes were a great way to fill the their set in between song & a shameless plug for his coffee table book Murder in the Front Row (a book of photos from the 80s of thrash legends Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, et al.). They played classics liked “Acid Rain” & “Mad Man”. It was an endless assault on throughout the night playing 30 plus songs, which I can only see being done by NJ’s Bruce Springstien & maybe grindcore legends Napalm Death. Too much of my surprise the crowd was into it from start to finish, whether it was the Red Bull pumping through their veins, or the booze induced numbness that the older crowd must of have been in, the crowd was going bananas for them (if only Starland Ballroom allowed stage diving this show was complete).

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