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White Chapel (& friends) destroyed Starland Ballroom (more photos and additional review below)

Whitechapel (Photos by Anthony Cabrera)

White Chapel band

Beneath The Remains: Stephen Piersanti

The Welcome to Hell Tour made its stop at the Starland Ballroom, with the likes of the heaviest bands in modern metal. In a scene already flooded with plenty of deathcore bands, we saw the leaders of the pack destroy New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom. 

Elizabeth, NJ’s Grimus started off the show with their brand of death-grooves. They definitely set the tempo for the show with their devastating breakdowns, and circle pit inducing blast beats. The lead vocalist gave plenty of shout outs to the all who made it possible for them to play this show.

Next on the bill was Seattle, Washington’s I Declare War. Though hesitant at first the crowd slowly warmed up to them with the vocalist continually asking for crowd participation with handclaps & throwing up the all mighty devil horns. The crowd went berserk for their song “Federal Death Alliance”.

Following I Declare War was Salt Lake City’s Chelsea Grin. They were the first band of the night to really set the room ablaze. They high-pitched squeal of singer Alex Koehler and bludgeoning breakdowns anchored by likes of 3 guitarists. The insanity that they bring to the stage is incredible, when no one was left standing still with everyone banging their infectious grooves.

Veil of Maya a four-piece technical death metal band from Chicago put on an amazing performance. They just recently released the remarkable album [id] out now on Sumerian records. The technical proficiency of this band was remarkable with a bass player using a 7 string bass. The neck gymnastics that both the bass player & guitarist displayed was intriguing. 

Springfield, MA’s The Acacia Strain destroyed the place. Pits opened up everywhere, and all you could see was bodies flying across the room. Crowd surfers were tossed across the crowd putting security to work just like Vincent Bennett called for. Their brand of hardcore spliced with death metal sent the crowd into a frenzy.  They played killer songs like “The Hills Have Eyes”, “Ramirez”, and closed out their set with “J.F.C.”. Bennett called out to the crowd to not let the Jersey Shore represent, which with a mighty roar the heartily definitely agreed.

Whitechapel the night’s headliners opened up with the first track off of their latest album A New Era of Corruption, “Devolver”. The deathcore sextet got the crowd raging. There was no hesitation to crowd favorites “Possession” off of This Is Exile.  The crowd was relentless constantly screaming to the lyrics of songs like “Reprogrammed to Hate”, “Murder Sermon” and the closing song “This Is Exile”. At the end of the night it was impossible to not see someone exhausted from the onslaught of brutality they face that night.