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Interview: Saves The Day

Saves The Day

Saves The Day have had a stellar 2011. The band recently released their seventh album Daybreak to positive reviews and did a co-headlining U.S. tour with Bayside. This Friday, the band will perform at Starland Ballroom with Senses Fail, Balance and Composure and Red Bull Noise Complaint winners Banquets to help aid New Brunswick's own Court Tavern. Vocalist Chris Conley took some time to discuss their recent tour, possibility of a discography show and the band's agenda for the new year.


1) The band recently finished their U.S. tour with Bayside. How did that go?

The tour was a lot of fun. The guys in Bayside are good friends, and we had a blast sharing the stage every night. 


2) How have the band taken all of the positive response towards Daybreak?

We're thrilled with the reaction from our fan base in the States, and we've had a great response from new fans overseas. After years of lineup changes and constant turnover, it's nice to enjoy the positive feedback together as a united group.


3) A lot of bands are doing discography shows/tours where they play albums in their entirety. Is that something that S.T.D. would want to do in the future?

Yes, we will most likely do that in the future. This past July marked the 10 year anniversary of the release of our third album Stay What You Are, so we may have to wait until the early records are at least 15 years old, since we missed our chance this past Summer. Maybe we'll do a show playing the first three albums in order, you never know.


4) What are you looking forward to about the Starland Ballroom show?

Playing New Jersey is always a special thing for the band, and I'm sure the Red Bull Noise Complaint holiday show will be just as rowdy as ever. The fans are just incredible at Starland, and it's a great experience playing for such a lively crowd. I'm looking forward to the sheer volume of the crowd singing along to every word of the show. 


5) Thursday recently announced their hiatus and will hit up Australia with you guys in February. What was it like hearing the news of their sudden hiatus?

I was sad to read the news of Thursday's hiatus, and I will miss them as a fixture of our touring lives, backstage at festivals and club shows. They are some of my oldest friends in music, and I know we'll stay in touch.  I love their last few records in particular, and I'll have them with me when I travel to remind myself of a great band and a great bunch of guys. 


6) What bands are you currently listening to?

I love the newest Peter Bjorn and John album "Gimme Some." The songs are well-arranged tight pop jams with clever production. I'm also in love with the latest Tom Waits release "Bad As Me" and the lyrics are some of the best I've heard in recent times.


7) What's in store for Saves The Day in 2012?

I'm doing the Where's The Band? Tour in January/February and then we head to Australia for Soundwave 2012. After that we have a few months off till we headline the States in May, and then we're hoping to head back overseas for festival season in the Summer. After that, hopefully we'll do a support tour in the Fall and then back to the studio to make the next record.


Catch Saves The Day at Starland Ballroom this Friday along with Senses Fail,Balance and Composure and Banquets. $1 from each ticket sold will go towards aiding The Court Tavern. Tickets are on sale right now via Ticketmaster.