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Pixies Frontman Frank Black Starts New Label

PixiesPixies frontman/songwriter, Frank Black, announced the launching of his own record label, which he has named The Bureau. In an interview with The Guardian, Black said of his decision to start the label:

"I wasn't planning to start up my own record label, but I hope I get invited to some really intense high-end parties...Running a label today isn't that different than at any other time. There's less money floating around, but I think it's a good thing. I think it's more honest...It just puts the pressure on everybody to be good."

Black also claimed that he doesn't plan on releasing any new Pixies material on his label. He said that the group is "just a whole other ball of wax". [Pixies] will either do something really traditional, with a big ole' record company, or something a lot more radical." Regardless of what label it's released on, the prospect of new Pixies material gets my mouth watering for sure.

Enjoy a classic Pixies perfoamance below.