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Interview: Title Fight

Title Fight band

Kingston, PA pop-punk/hardcore group Title Fight have had a great 2011. The band released their debut full length Shed this past May via Sideonedummy and have recieved praise from NME, Alternative Press, The AV Club and others. The quartet is currently on the AP Tour with fellow pop-punk acts Four Year Strong, Sharks, Gallows and The Swellers. Guitarist Shane Moran took some time from his busy schedule to talk about the band making it on the cover of Alternative Press magazine, the current pop punk scene and broken ping pong tables.


1) 2011 has been very good to Title Fight. How have the band taken all of the praise towards Shed?

We feel very lucky and fortuante to have people who enjoyed our new record in any way.

2) The band made the cover of Alternative Press. How excited was everyone about that?

I guess it was a pretty funny moment when we saw the magazine for the first time.  Being on the cover of AP was never something we thought would happen to Title Fight but we think it's cool.  Something to show my mom.

3) You're currently on the AP tour. How's that going?

There are a lot of great people on this tour.  Jamie's ping pong table broke in the trailer but other than that we are having fun.

4) The band shot the music videos for "Shed" and "27" using uncommon methods (Super 8 camera, VHS camera). What was the reason behind that?

We didn't want to make a shitty HD video.  We had the VHS camera in the studio and we thought it looked cool.  We figured it would be free and more fun if we came up with our own idea and did it with our friends. The "Shed" video was done on Super 8 because, like the VHS, we simply like the way it looks.

5) The pop punk/hardcore scene has exploded over the past couple of  years with a ton of bands striving to get noticed.   Do you feel like its becoming competitive or is it more friendly and supportive?

There is a competitiveness you can see in some bands.  For me, I see Balance and Composure or Touché Amoré live or listen to their records and it makes me want to be better at what we are doing.  Those kind of friends' bands inspire me to be more creative.  It's competitive for me in that way but I think it's "healthy" or whatever.

6) What bands are you currently listening to?

I like Single Mothers from Canada. Kimbra is cool too.

7) The band will open for Lifetime in January.  How excited is everyone about that?

They are one of our favorite bands and it's in a great venue so we are really looking forward to that.


The 2011 AP Tour hits up Irving Plaza on November 22nd and Starland Ballroom on November 23rd. Tickets are onsale right now via Ticketmaster. Be sure to pick up Title Fight's Shed on iTunes.