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Listen to Austra cover Roy Orbison's "Crying"

Austra band

Canadian six-piece Austra released a bonus track from their Feel It Break this week. The new track is a cover of Roy Orbison’s 1961 classic “Crying”. Autra’s take is as heartbreaking as the original, but Orbison’s backing band has been replaced with symphonic string and vocal accompaniments to create a more operatic track.

Feel It Break came out back in May from Domino Records and a deluxe edition was released earlier this week. The new version features a second disc of extra material including “Crying”, a cover of Joni Mitchel’s “Woodstock” and a remix of “Beat and the Pulse” by Clown from Slipknot. Listen to Austra’s cover of “Crying” below and Roy Orbison’s original under that.

Austra - Crying

Roy Orbison - Crying