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Surfer Blood do Daytrotter, perform new song "Island" (download)

Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood recently stopped by Austin, TX's Big Orange Studios to record their 2nd Daytrotter session. This time around the group performed two songs off their latest studio effort ("The Fast Song" = "Miranda" with different lyrics), Tarot Classics EP, "Fast Jabroni" off their debut LP and a new song that they've been playing live for the better part of the year called "Island". You can download the new track below. Be sure to check out the whole set over at Daytrotter. Tarot Classics is out now on Kanine Records.

Who knows how many damned times it's been said that no man's an island. It doesn't really mean anything any more, when people still say it. It's supposed to have something to do with the idea that no one person is so independent and unaffected by other people, or able to affect other people, that they may as well be stranded with a lone palm tree and they're insular and crazy ass thoughts. These people are just made to feel like islands.