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Music video: Andrew W.K. - "Go Go Go Go"

Andrew WK

If you thought all the world’s great World Snowboarding Championship songs had already been written, you were wrong, dead wrong. Thanks to punk rocker/motivational speaker Andrew W.K., Oslo’s 2012 Snowboarding Championship has just the anthem its been waiting for.

While its context is pretty bizarre, the track, “Go Go Go Go” is everything it should be: a catchy, triumphant party anthem that gets the blood pumping. The video is pretty sweet too; it starts with an awesome backflip and then shows W.K. holding up the lyrics to the song in a room whose walls are lined with colorful sheets of paper with slogans written on them. Also, throughout the video famous snowboarders appear and do cool tricks.

W.K.’s last two albums, 55 Cadillac and Gundam Rock, came out back to back in 2009 via Ecstatic Peace! And Universal Music Japan respectively. He released a new EP, The “Party All Goddamn Night” EP, earlier this year, but it’s only available in Japan, where he is a much bigger deal for some reason. Check out the video below.