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Download: Lil B 'BasedGod Velli' mixtape

Lil B

Rap’s biggest wild-card Lil B has released yet another mixtape today, which includes the P.S.A. track “I Got AIDS”. This is B’s second mixtape in the last month, with the last one, The Silent President coming out just a few weeks ago. The tape, BasedGod Velli, is making quite a stir already, with “I Got AIDS” trending on Twitter almost immediately. That’s probably because the song is completely insane. The whole thing is about how people need to be really careful about wearing protection because anyone could have AIDS, even attractive people. It’s an honorable message of course, but it makes for a pretty bizarre rap.

Another highlight of the tape is the equally poorly titled “Crabs N A Bucket”, on which B raps about race over a sweet bass-line and a classy piano track. All absurdity aside, B is trying to talk to his listeners about real issues of race, politics, and disease on this track, so more power to him. Lil B's last studio album, I'm Gay (I'm Happy) came out in June via Amalgam Digital, and now he's put out the new mixtape himself over at DatPiff this morning. Give the whole thing a listen below.