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Karen O performs "Duet" & "Calm" from 'Stop the Virgens'

Karen O

Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs came on WNYC’s Soundcheck a few days ago for an interview and a taste of her new “psycho-opera”, Stop the Virgens. Sam Spiegel, music director of Virgens, joins O for the interview, where they discuss opera, their creative process, a possible Stop the Virgens album, and lobster claws.

O sings two songs from the opera, “Calm”, at 5:05, and “Duet”, at 11:30, with Soundcheck’s Jason Grisell on acoustic guitar. Both are lovely and surprisingly accessible considering who wrote them and their “psycho” context.

The opera premiered at St. Ann’s Warehouse on October 12 as a part of Brooklyn’s Creators Project festival. Listen to the interview and the tracks below.