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Interview: Outasight


Richard Andrew, better known as Outasight, is surely destined for big things in the upcoming months. The rapper from Yonkers, New York recently released the Figure 8 EP (Warner Bros Records) for free and has his new jam "Tonight In The Night" featured in the Pepsi's "Who's Next" campaign on the hit show The X-Factor. Now, he's set to tour with Gym Class Heroes and The Dirty Heads which kicks off next week. Outasight took some time to discuss major labels being more mixtape-friendly, having his song featured on the Pepsi Max ad and hitting the road.


1) How are you taking all of the positive remarks towards your latest release Figure 8?

It's a great feeling to see people respond so positively toward something that you worked so hard on.  Just to read some of the messages that people send about how the music has helped them, in all sorts of ways,  is inspiring.

2) You, along with a few other rappers, have released free mixtapes through major labels. Do you think that major labels finally understand how vital mixtapes are?

I don't think they had a choice.  Artists have become commercial stars from mixtapes and the mixtape circuit,  so I think the industry had to adapt to the artists' work ethic.  My label personally is completely aware of what's necessary to help an artist gain more exposure and has been nothing but supportive.


3) The music video for the track "Figure 8" is visually appealing. How did the whole thing come about?

There actually was a first video shot that no one saw in Burbank at Warner Brothers where I perform around the office and bust into important meetings and have employees singing and all that, but the overall result just didn't come out as we wanted. So I was in put touch with the actual video's director Evan Savitt, and he had a bunch of really creative ideas.  We decided to play on the concept of going around in circles, you know, a vicious cycle of sorts.  It was a low budget video too, but Evan made it look otherwise, I thought it turned out great.


4) Your new song "Tonight Is The Night" is currently featured on the Pepsi "Who's Next" ad. How did that happen?

My management called me less than a week before the commercial came out and said my song was in the running for Pepsi Ad, and asked if I was interested, which I of course replied, "Hell yea."   From there, it all just happened so fast....Pepsi believed in the song and in myself and gave it a shot and has been nothing but supportive, which is an amazing opportunity for a young artist to get new fans and his song heard.

5) You recently played with Hoodie Allen over the summer. How did that go?

We sold out Webster Hall's main room....It was insane to say the least.

6) What are you most looking forward to about touring with Gym Class Heroes & The Dirty Heads?

Getting a chance to perform in front of new people, make new fans, meet existing fans, and just have a good time performing every night.  

7) What are your plans after the tour?

With my album almost done, maybe a little more studio, but I figure to be on the road for a long while now,  so I'm all packed up and ready to go.


Catch Outasight with Gym Class Heroes & The Dirty Heads at The Electric Factory on October 20th & Starland Ballroom on October 21st.