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Band Spotlight: Those Mockingbirds

Those Mockingbirds band

Those Mockingbirds are a indie rock band from Montclair that has been creating a lot of buzz lately. Their debut EP "No Symmetry" debuted at #1 on Amazon.com's Movers and Shakers chart. I had a chance to speak with Adam Bird about the band's recent stint on the road and the idea behind the "Numa Numa" campaign.

1) When did the band form?

The seed was planted in January 2009 in Montclair...the band formed two months later at the end of March, and we played our first show at the end of April.

2) What are the band's influences?

We're very influenced by the same things alot of the dark rock &"cabaret" acts are, such as Dresden Dolls, and that whole scene.... however we arent very theatric people, so our look ends up being more of a punk / rock hybrid. To rattle off a quick list of our most obvious influences i'd say... Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Spoon, Dissociatives, White Stripes.

3) The band recently went on tour a couple months ago. How was it on the road?

The road was good to us. We managed to keep ourselves out of debt, so that in itself is a huge success. We learned alot about our still very new band...going out on the road so quickly was like being born and starting your first real job by the time you start teething.... but, no time wasted!

4) What was the process for making the "No Symmetry" EP?

We recorded 3 of the songs at White Heat Studios in Fairfield with the help of Matt Rauch. Initially, we were just going to use the songs to get something up online, and start getting shows... however, the ball started rolling rather quickly when SideCho got involved, so we went into the Nuthouse studio in Hoboken with Tom Beaujour to record 2 more songs (Honest and Poor Ex.) to round out an EP. During the process of getting the release ready, JP from Cash Cash showed interest in the band, so i asked him to remix a song... and our buddy Mike from the band Clover kinda came along at the same time wanting to do the same. To sum up, the entire thing is a Frankenstein-like beast that we are quite proud to call our first release.

5) Who came up with the idea of kidnapping the Numa Numa Guy?

I did, and believe it or not, the idea was formed in 2008 when Perfuma was breaking up. I pretty much had all the major parts that became the Save Numa campaign in place and planned before this band started...Once we got the ball rolling, we met Gary's band, (Nonetheless) and we struck like a black mamba... they have been trying to find him since.


       Those Mockinbirds' music video for "Honest? Honest."


6) What was the meaning behind your latest music video for "Honest? Honest."?

We were making a comment about over-censorship. We chose nudity because in America, nudity is such an enormous taboo still... most famous recent incident would be the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident. However, we kept it subtle because, if a viewer wants to just enjoy the video for all its beautiful naked people and ignore the message.... that is fine with us too.

7) The band is playing Cupcakefest this year. How do you think it will compare to last years'?

Hopefully it will be 100% less rainy. The lineup completely kills this year as well! With that said, last year we didnt see any of the other bands because we had a show in upstate NY earlier in the day and had to fly down to Cupcake Fest with our jet packs in order to get to the stage on time.

8) What are the band's plans for the rest of 2010?

We're playing ALOT of shows this year... we plan to tour some more... and we are well into writing a full length that we may or may not start recording before years end. We may also release The Numa Numa Guy at some point....we'll see if he stays on his best behavior.


Catch Those Mockingbirds this Saturday at Cupcakefest. Cupcakefest will be held at Lincoln Park in Rutherford, NJ.

Reader Comments (3)

awesome band. NJ represent!

June 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKatie

everybody's doing it, everybody's doing it!

June 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterM.

Cool band! Love the video.

June 22, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterNicole

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