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The Sleeping (interview, videos, and more)

The Sleeping band

Interview by: Samantha Saffer

The NJ Underground's very own, Samantha Saffer, was able to interview Joe Zizzo, drummer for The Sleeping and discussed everything from the new album's writing process, touring, and their biggest influences. In addition, Samantha was also able to catch their most recent New Jersey date on December 17th, when the band killed it at The School of Rock.

What was the writing process like for your new album?

The writing process for the most part was cool. We wrote most of the record over the span of about 3 months. Like any creative process that involves a bunch of people we had our dry spells, our ups and downs. But trying to write a record in a 12x12 rehearsal space in Long Island when its 100 degrees out is far from inspiring. The sweatbox of a room was the bane of existence for the factory workers below who would yell at us to shut the windows to insulate the sound but in turn would kill the little breeze we had going. We wanted to fucking kill everyone. In attempt to get psyched and inspired we went upstate to the studio we were about to record in & lived there for a week in Woodstock, NY. We rode bikes, built a bbq using an old metal grate over an open fire. Cooked all our food on it. Enjoyed being outside everyday, found a swimming hole & made music. 2 tracks came of that week & we think its easy to pick 'em out amongst the rest. 


What song do you guys love to play live that gets the crowd hyped?
Theres a few choice cuts hahah Dont hold back is one that gets a good reaction, along with the climb. They are both from our 2nd record "questions and answers". You'll be a corpse before your time from the "What it takes" record is crazy fun one to play. & from the newest release "the big deep" id think deafening the uk. Its a strong one & seems to get people excited about whats to come.


Which city is your favorite to stop at on tour?
Man... sorta impossible to answer because it depends on the tour. Especially depends on the other bands your with. We could be in Lubbock, TX but with the right people shit could get crazy. Vegas is always ridiculous, we always go to a thrift store the day before & get to most obnoxious concoction of clothing we can find to walk around in all day. We usually force the bands were out with to do the same. Dress like a complete fear and loathing, h train riding dick-head, get drunk & walk around vegas all day. Music comes 2nd that day, sorry vegas fans. If they saw us play anywhere else they probably would think were a good band.


If you could play with any band, past or present, who would you choose? Why?
Led Zeppelin in the 70's, Metallica and Phil Collins in the 80's, Nine Inch Nails & Alice In Chains in the 90's, Muse and Mars Volta now - and definitely the Deftones, they are one of the bands we all grew up listening to & over time they stayed cool, evolved, never got to big to be considered corny & mainstream but were always big enough to sustain a great career. 


You guys have been around for a long time- do you feel that your sound has changed a lot from the beginning?

Without a doubt, new members & 7 years of personal growth will help that. People change, their idea of whats cool and whats good changes, it translates. This is a question where if u had a couch and asked me to lay down, explain why and break it down for u while u sat in a chair and pretended to care things would get nuts. haha.


Who are some of your biggest influences and which bands are you guys currently listening to?
Man this is the question a lot of dudes in bands love to ejaculate their coolness all over. Honestly i listen to everything but i grew up a drum dork. Listened to nothing but Dream Theater for 4 years, didn't give a shit about anyone. Missed out on the grunge thing cause Dream Theater & Metallica covers were all i cared about. Now i can get down with most of anything. Took me a while to really appreciate The Beatles. But i grew up and got with it. Michael we love you, you will be missed.
What our your plans for after the tour?

I don't know, every time we get home its always different. Sometimes there are plans with an allotted amount of time between tours that we can budget accordingly. Other times, who knows. Right now its who knows. Myself and one of the guys in the band started a merch company. We print merch for bands and businesses. Its called its a stick up merchandise. That's the focus right now for myself in our off time. That and making more music.


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Good to see this band is still going strong. There great live.
December 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterErik
play fleet
December 29, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter.

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