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Interview: Hunchback

After being broken up for over two years, NJ's favorite psychedelic/punk/pop quartet, Hunchback is set to reunite for one day only! The New Brunswick group will play two sold out reunion shows with The Ergs, who are also reuniting, this Sunday, December 5th. If you've been living under rock, the two benefit shows are taking place in order to raise money for a friend's mother with cancer. Drummer, Miranda Taylor was nice enough to let us know what the members of Hunchback have been up to lately, what they are looking forward to most about the reunion shows and why they love Asbury Lanes so much! See below.


What is everybody up to these days? 

Wellll...im playing drums in "black wine" with jeff schroeck and j nixon and playing guitar in "full of fancy" with erin hays, evan kiel, and brian gorsegner. mike catalano is playing guitar in the amazing "night birds" along with joe keller of ergs fame on bass and brian gorsegner on vocals. (they seem to have settled on a drummer named ryan who is young and soon to be corrupted.) craig mileski plays with "blank dogs"... (that son of a gun just got back from europe.) mikey yannich is playing in a million bands, but most notably in "ergquist" with the lovely marisa bergquist and in "the dopamines."


The bands you've been in since Hunchback have had quite a different sound. Do you ever see yourself being involved in another project similar to Hunchback?

Im a huge fan of playing a variety of styles. Mostly because I get bored easily. Having said that, yes...i see myself being involved in a more hunchback-y type band sometime in the near or distant future.


You chose to play your last show at Asbury Lanes with The Ergs and now you're playing your only two reunion shows there. What do you love most about the venue? 

I love the cheap drinks. Jk lol. I love Jenn and Laney and all the staff and I love the atmosphere and I love that they are ethical and helpful regarding bands and stuff. Its probably my favorite venue to play. The sound is great -the people are amazing.


You guys had your fair share of success through out your career. With that said, do you have any regrets towards how things turned out/ended with Hunchback? Anything you would have liked to have done differently? 

I think that I should have been more honest about how I felt. I have a tendency to bottle and then mope about stuff which is really lame. I do not regret the band ending because consequently I am still friends with everyone in the band. They are some of my favorite people and I hate thinking of a band ruining those friendships.


What is your favorite Hunchback memory? 

Mike muting my cymbal with his teeth, all of us wearing dresses and looking crazy, singing Last Man on Earth with J, singing Touch Me I'm Sick with Craig, singing Heart of Gold with Mike, shows at the Parlour, practicing in Mike and Craig's freezing apartment, traveling across the country in 2006 and recording with Conrad Uno in Seattle, opening for Killdozer, hanging out and eating,the gluttony bracelets, yadda yadda...the list goes on and on.


What can people expect to hear from your reunion shows setlists? 

UTTER CRAP. jk lol. good stuff. oldies and occasional goodies.


What are you looking forward to most regarding these reunion shows?

I have really really missed playing these songs and I have really really missed watching the Ergs. I cant waiiiiiit.


Lastly, any up and coming bands you think people should check out?

YES. LOTS. Screaming females are my favorite, but you know about them already... Night Birds are another "big duh" but i need to mention them. They are really thrilling live. They make me feel like Ive lost my mind in the best way ever. Mattress is a band from New Brunswick that slays so hard. I adore them. Also...Slaw, Period Girls, Brick Mower, Sparkle Shit all from NB.   Pregnant from Brooklyn and many many more that I'm forgetting.

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My favorite Hunchback memory was seeing them open for Butthole Surfers
November 29, 2010 | Unregistered Commenter:D

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