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Interview: Motion City Soundtrack

Minneapolis's MCS will stop at NJ's Starland Ballroom this Friday, November 5th. The veteran rock group will be joined by LA's Say Anything and NJ's Saves the Day. Tickets are still on-sale, but are expected to sell out, so don't sleep on picking some up! Drummer, Tony Thaxton was nice enough to answer some of the questions we've been wanting to know regarding Motion City. To find out about their favorite MCS songs, the differences of being on major label and Tony's dream of touring with Ben Folds, check out the interview below.


Many would agree that your latest album, My Dinosaur Life is your best release yet. Would you attribute the quality of the record to your growth as a band or to the personal situations you guys were going through while writing the album, possibly both?

I think it's just growing as a band. You'd like to think that you will grow with each release, and not just put out the same record over and over. We don't make a conscious effort to sound a certain way, we just try an write songs we like, and hope other people like them as well.


What's your favorite track off the record? Does that translate into being your favorite song to play live as well?

I've got a few favorites, but if I had to pick one I'd pick "Hysteria".  I don't think it's a single or anything, but it's just a fun one to play. We just started playing it occasionally on this tour. It's actually gone over better than I expected. Gets a pretty big reaction every night. 


Do you guys plan on releasing music in smaller doses in-between full-lengths?

Time will tell. We've got some ideas in the old idea bag right now. They're all top secret though. Top. Secret. 


Have there been any noticeable differences in dealing with your label now that you're on a major?

Our Columbia experience wasn't really that different than our Epitaph days. We were both excited and scared, but it wasn't that much different. The big thing was they put out the big deluxe version of the record, which I think is one of the coolest things we ever got to do.  


You guys have a bunch of upcoming tour dates, over the years, how has the touring experience changed for you?

Well, things are a lot more comfortable these days. We did the van and trailer for years, and have been in a bus for years now. We get to just go to bed when we want, and wake up in the next city. I don't really miss the days of driving ourselves and barely getting any sleep. I always feel for the bands doing that, we definitely know how hard those days can be. 


What can we expect in the set list this time around?

You never know with this tour! This is the first time we have been soon completely different setlists every night of the tour. We've literally been taking turns writing setlists. We're playing songs we've never played, songs we've barely played, and songs you always get from us. It's been really fun mixing it up. 


What are some bands you guys would like to tour with in the future?

I have a dream of touring with Ben Folds, but it's only my head. It wouldn't work in reality. I don't think we'd go over well with a lot of his fans, it's not a great match, but I'm just a massive fan of his, so I dream of it. 


What are the groups plans for 2011 looking like?

We go to Brazil for the first time in January. Other than that, things are somewhat in the air. We will definitely be doing a lot of writing. Probably more touring. Time will tell. We have some tricks up our sleeves. 

Reader Comments (3)

can't wait for Friday!
November 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjaclyn
I'd see a Ben Folds/MCS tour :P
November 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterD.
Good to see a band that doesn't play the same thing every night. Hate when bands setlists are predictable
November 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIda

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