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Turbo Fruits answered our questions. Playing Meat Town USA tomorrow.

Turbo Fruits

Turbo Fruits will make their return to New Brunswick's Meat Town USA tomorrow night (Friday). The Nashville trio will be bringing along their friends and label mates, Pujol. The two groups just released new music on Turbo Fruits singer's newly formed label Turbo Time Records. Our interview with the Jonas Stein touches on his adventures as a label execute and his ideas on how to effectively release music in this day and age.

You recently started your own label, Turbo Time Records. What has been the most challenging part about putting out your first two releases thus far?

 Well.. This is a trial and error process.. I've been learning a lot in how everything has to come together.  I'm very satisfied with how well everything is going so far.... The hardest part of running this label is getting used to not having any down time anymore... But I like it.. It is just as just as fun as it is stressful! 


You stated that Turbo Time Records reason for releasing 6 vinyl & digital singles over a year's time is to "take the pressure off the artist of creating a “masterpiece” full length album all in one sitting." Do you already see that mentality paying off or do you still think it's too early to tell?  

Yes... Instead of a band having 1 month to write and record an album, they can have up to a while year... And not only is there more time write music, there is more time for songs to develop through live shows.. Thus giving the songs time to grow, mature, and flower in a positive direction. 


How would you say your approach to songwriting has changed, if at all, since you started releasing records in 2002?  

Ehhh it really hasn't changed.. Come up with some ideas... Jam them out with the band and see what happens... But starting next writing sesh, we will have our 4th member present for songwriting... So expect some more guitar action going on.


Do you guys already have a set date for when your next single will come out?  

You can expect turbo fruits' single "keepin on" and pujol's single "mayday" to be released in mid November. Then we will Do a holiday themed split 7" for December.  We will be touring together for both of those releases.


Currently have any other artists in mind for Turbo Time Records?  

Not yet, right now my time only allows me to concentrate on two bands at a time... But who knows... Maybe I'll do a one off 7" release with a local that i dig.


You guys are making your return to New Brunswick. What's your favorite part about the college town?

Playing the epic basement shows they throw.  We have made friends and family with a lot of the kids running those cool underground shows there... One of my favorite places to play.


What are the groups plans for 2011 looking like?  

Playing bruise cruise festival, SXSW, west coast tour and more singles!

Reader Comments (3)

caught these guys in Brooklyn a while back, put on a great show! everyone should try to make it to one of these
October 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commentergreg
so Fat Possum dropped them I'm guessing?
October 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenternb
Turbo Time is a way cooler band name. Just sayin.
October 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFresh Prince

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