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Pujol answered our questions. Playing Meat Town USA tomorrow.

Nashville's Pujol have been known to pass through New Brunswick quite often over the past few years. This time around though they do it with a new 7", new label and a whole lot more of people's attentions. The garage rock group led by Daniel Pujol are not only hitting up NJ, but will also be playing a total of three Brooklyn dates, two of which are CMJ showcases. All of the details on their upcoming area shows can be found at Myspace. Our interview with Daniel can be found below.

Your new 7" just dropped on Turbo Time Records. What would you say the best part about being a label run by a still active artist is?

The shared enthusiasm for the integrity of the release, and the understanding of business from the artists perspective, while still TCBing 24/7, of course. 


You guys recently released a sort of joint video with Turbo Fruits. How did you guys come up with the concept.. and what exactly is the concept? 

Jonas, my girlfriend, Alexa Sullivant, and I drew up a crossing story while hanging out about a business man that devolves into a caveman, and a caveman that evolves into a home owner. "Nightrider" is the thinking-car that laughs like Vincent Price, and is what allows the places to be traded in life, because the earth is finite and must find balance, dawg! 


I get a 60's pop mixed with 90's garage rock vibe from your music. What exactly are some of your main influences? 

Historical materialism and qualitative data.  


What made you start playing/writing music in the first place? 

It made sense. 


You guys are making your return to New Brunswick. What's your favorite part about the college town? 

My friends who have been nice enough to let me come play, and even listen, for for about 3 1/2 years now! NB is the nicest place. That's why I'm playing my birthday there.


What has been your favorite touring experience overall? 

I saw two demons fucking on the side of the highway last night like pillars of fire. 


What are the groups plans for 2011 looking like? 

I'll be doing a Turbo Time full-length. after the singles, with the touring ensemble, were Sean will play guitar-stories, Joey will be funkier than usual, and the newest edition: drummer Adam will our devil's backbone. We'll tour about 10 days a month through the spring in different regions of E-merica 2.0.


Friday, October 15th
Meat Town USA
New Brunswick, NJ

Turbo Fruits

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good to see neither Turbo or Pujol said "grease trucks" for the New Bruns question
October 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMr. Chips
gonna jam this track in my car :P
October 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpie
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