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Band Spotlight: Hoover Flags

Hoover Flags is a new pop punk/hardcore band featuring ex-members of Folly, The Banner and Tokyo Rose. Jon Tummillo (ex-Folly) took some time to discuss the new band.

How did the band Hoover Flags form?

Agim and Anthony began writing some songs during the end of Folly’s tenure. I am not entirely sure if they meant to do anything with the songs other than record them for fun or whatever. For Agim, it was probably a way to prevent himself from going crazy after Folly was all done; he was the chief songwriter for Folly, so as we called it quits he probably needed to fill that void somehow. Anthony- who played drums for Folly- worked with Agim on the vocal melodies for the first bunch of songs. This role reversal between Anthony and I occurred primarily because he wrote all of the lyrics and because I really wanted to play drums. So the three of us jammed a few times, and later on asked two of our old pals Robbie and Chris to fill in the gaps. Robbie was Folly’s unofficial videographer and documentarist, as well as merch dude on many of the Folly tours. He used to play in Tokyo Rose and currently plays in our punk rock cover band “Mix Tape.” Chris was in the original Banner, which Folly toured with on several occasions (one three-week tour saw Folly and The Banner cramped in one van). Both Robbie and Chris have remained strong friends to all of the Folly crew, so it just kind of made sense asking them to be a part of this. Sooner or later, we started to practice and write a few songs, playing some shows with no intentions other than traveling locally and uniting our friends for some punk rock smash gatherings here and there. Our practices were immediately/noticeably fun. We figured we’d ride it out and see what happens.



Where does the band name come from?

Appropriately enough, “Hoover Flags” is symbolic of our collective struggles to make enough money to survive. During the Great Depression, during Herbert Hoover’s term of presidency, the poor in “Hooverville” would pull their empty pockets outside of their pants to signify to the rest of the well-off public that they had little to no money. This act also extended the notion that having money or not having money unfortunately dictates “successes” and “failures” today, and in more dire circumstances it dictates one’s chance of survival today. We are all fortunate enough to have decent jobs and we do what we can to get by. By no means am I suggesting that we’re having to beg for money to pay our rent, nor are we worse off than the almost 40 million impoverished Americans... but the inside out pockets suggest that the work we do for the money we make (or don’t make) will never truly warrant an easy- or worry free- life. It’s one of those “the system is against us” ideals.


What are some of the band's influences?

Musically, I think we’re homing in on the pop-punk sound- with a crossover into hardcore punk- that originally inspired us to start playing in a band over a decade ago. You’ll hear some Kid Dynamite, Saves The Day, Descendents, Nofx, etc... embedded in our stuff. I think that certain parts of Folly have influenced us as well; we have branched off from some of the more punk rock parts we incorporated in Folly’s stuff. I also like to think we’re trying to rekindle the golden age of late-90’s NJ pop punk. Bands like Humble Beginnings, Wholesale, and Outline (to name a few) paved the way for a lot of what’s occurred since. I think that era is distant enough to become nostalgic about, and yet just near enough to carry on. We were all in our late teens when Humble was selling out just about any legion hall in New Jersey, and I always wonder if we were spoiled by the comraderie shared in NJ then. I always wonder if that still exists; in case it doesn’t, I suppose we want to do our part to bring that all back. As cheesy as it sounds, we are trying to “give back” now what was given to us then. There was something so carefree about that era, and yet something extremely powerful in its message that I refuse to believe is squashed or deadened.


What plans does Hoover Flags have for 2009?

The most pleasurable thing about this band is that we started it with no expectations. We have no plans to tour, and no plans to get a label to put out our stuff. In our own little way, we’re staying local and doing it ourselves... booking our own shows, flyering for those shows, burning cds to give away at those shows, meeting new friends and uniting old ones at these shows... I suppose our mission is to simply have a reason, or an excuse even, to bring people together and share in a communal passion for punk rock. This mission is no gimmick. It doesn’t entitle us to believe we’re better or worse than any other band, nor does it entitle us to use the DIY message as an advertisement for our band. We have simply returned to our roots to do something that we believe is fun and wholesome: to rock out with friends and have the best time we can.


Hoover Flags w/ She Rides @ Meat Locker - 7/19 - 6pm - $5

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I'll be at the show Sunday. Should be good. Heard She Rides lost their singer though.

July 17, 2009 | Unregistered Commentermr. chips

cool inteview. I actually hope these guys do tour and all that stuff, it would be great to see them do well.

July 17, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjeb

had no idea that's why they are called hoover flag. just thought it sounded cool.

July 17, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterdave

the photo is looking pretty intense

July 17, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterg.

wow, it should be cool!
members of folly!
F O L L Y f'king rocks!! (or used to).
canĀ“t wait to hear them!


July 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLoco


July 18, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteryo
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